Adding a lesson certificate

What is a lesson certificate?

A lesson certificate is earned when the learner passes the lesson. If a lesson needs to be submitted, the certificate will be earned once the tutor locks the lesson provided the pass score has been reached. As the author, you can set the pass score and add the certificate.

Creating a PDF certificate

The PDF certificate needs to set up in a specific format. It needs to be a PDF and have specific field names.

  1. Open a PDF or create one in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Choose 'Prepare Form' in the left panel.
  3. Click 'Add a Text Field' in the 'Prepare Form' toolbar. Draw, position and size it on the page.
  4. Double click the field to open a dialogue box and change the 'Name' field to one of the four allowed names. Note: the field names are case-sensitive so will need to follow the exact words below.
    1. 'name' - the learner's first and last name
    2. 'title' - the lesson name
    3. 'created' - the date the learner achieved the certificate
    4. 'expires' - the date the certificate will expire
  5. In the dialogue box, make sure that the 'Read Only' checkbox is ticked.
  6. Save the PDF.

Adding the certificate to the lesson

  1. Within the editor, click the 'Settings' button on the top, left to open the lesson settings panel. 
  2. Under the 'Module certificates' section, click 'Select file' and choose the certificate PDF.

    The name of the certificate file will be displayed. Select an expiry date and click 'OK' at the base of the lesson settings panel. To preview how the certificate will look, click 'Preview'.
  3. Make sure you set the pass score which sits under the 'Attributes' section. Then click 'OK' to confirm.
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