Creating a multi-line text box interaction

Creating the interaction

When authoring a module, you can create a number of different interaction types. To create an interaction, make sure the 'Add' tab has been selected from the tools menu, at the top of your module page, then choose the interaction type you'd like to create from the 'Interaction' dropdown menu. The interaction will appear on the page, ready for you to change the question, add options and change the formatting.

Moving and resizing the interaction

To move your multi-line text box and position it on screen, click and hold down your mouse in the centre of the interaction, then drag the interaction and place it where you'd like it to sit on the page. To the top-left of the interaction, you will see the X and Y coordinates of the interaction and the size of the multi-line text box in pixels.

To resize your multi-line text box, click and hold, then drag using your mouse on any of the small squares found at the edges of the box. These squares are found at the top, bottom, left and right of the box as well as at each of its four corners. You can see what size your multi-line text box is by the numbers beside the coordinates at the top-left of the box itself.

Changing the question, adding an option and points

To change your multi-line text box's question, option or points, double-click on the centre of the box to bring up its settings panel. When the settings are displayed, you can change several aspects of the interaction.

  • The number of points a user can gain for this interaction. To change the number of points the interaction is worth, type a number into the appropriate space. Note: Multi-line text box interactions can't be marked automatically, so if your module isn't going to be submitted to and marked by a tutor, it's best to leave the points for the interaction as zero. 
  • Whether or not the multi-line text box has 'formatting' options for the text. These allow users to change the text they type, i.e. make some text bold or underlined or add bullet points. To turn the formatting on, click the checkbox beside the word 'Formatting'.
  • Add an interaction label. In this space, you can type a question or heading text for the interaction. You can also opt to make this text hidden to users by selecting the appropriate radio button. If shown, this text will appear above your multi-line text box.
  • Add an option. You can add an option or example text which will sit within the multi-line text box before users begin typing within it. You can use this option to show your users an example answer or to give them some extra instructions.

When you're finished with your multi-line text box settings, choose the 'OK' option. Your changes will be displayed on the page.

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