Best practices for structuring your Groups

It’s a good idea to consider your organisation's structure and the structure and any reporting requirements you need to meet.

Fit Your Organisation

Because your organisation is probably broken down into departments, teams or other sub-units, you might need to grant different users different levels of control over a group. Groups make this division of labor easy to replicate in Box, and also give you the opportunity to create new teams along new lines.
For example:

Support Your Reporting Needs

If your organisation needs to be able to report on results using specific combinations of groups that aren't associated with your organisational structure, you can accomplish this by assigning parent groups where needed.
For example, let's say your organisation needs to be able to report on multiple regions at once, that structure might look something like this:

Running a report from the 'All Regions' group will give you information about any members of the 'All Members' group, as well as any members of the sub groups - Regions A, B, and C in the example above.

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